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Loon Mask

Loon Mask

Bryon Amos has been a sculpture, mask maker, also an ivory carver since the age of 9. His father the late Walter T. Amos was also a famous mask maker originating from Nunivak Island. Bryon Amos waited 8 years before replicating his father’s masks made from wood. It is his heritage to keep the family tradition within the family lineage of ancient traditions passed down from generation to generation.

In the ancient times the wood was found from the shores of Nunivak Island, the wood was a highly special commodity for the people. The paint of the masks was made from red ochre rock, mixed in seal blood. The black was also a charcoal rock mixed in seal blood, the white paint originated four feet beneath the ground as white clay, the string used is original walrus sinew.


The Loon Mask Design presents a female walrus head on the top of the mask. The walrus had a tremendous figure within the ancient people of Nunivak Island. It provided the abundance material of skin for the Kayaks, rope, skin boots, tools for hunting sewing, also frames for the dog sleds. Also presented are the front flippers of the walrus, the wings of the loon, the Halibut designs are also presented on the side of the mask, it presented the abundance of the food source for the people as well.

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The webbed feet of the loon to travel to the destination of the prey they seek, the rear feet of the walrus, and the walrus tail. The inner ring of the mask presents the earth, and the outer ring presented the universe. The design of the loon mask is an iconic design only presented by the Cu’pig (ancient Name, meaning the people) people of Nunivak Island. Their remains very few artists of the replicas of the indigenous people of Nunivak Island. It is a privilege in presenting the original designs of exclusive art of our Tradition and Heritage.

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