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Bryon L Amos

Native Alaskan Artist





1731 Cedrus Circle
Anchorage, AK 99507

A Bit About Me

I have been a lifelong Artist since the age of nine years old. I was born on the Island of Nunivak, in a small village called Mekoryuk, Alaska. A people known for producing exclusive Nunivak Island mask designs since the ancient of times. A people known as the Cup'ig People on the Southwest Coast of Alaska

My thoughts have expressed the talent and the present inspiration of dedicating my heart and life in the making of the masks, sculptures, replicas of ancestral art of my people, that the character of my craftsmanship may be revealed. In expressing the need to succeed of the present life in which I live today, my desire in producing the finest in presenting the life and character of the sea animals, the
land animals in which relates to the survival of the Tradition, and craftsmanship in which I still practice to this present time.

The art produced, comes from the background of the Cup'ig People of Nunivak Island, my father,

"Walter T. Amos", was a famous mask maker since I was a little boy growing up in the village of Mekoryuk. I remembered they first traded for goods from the trading store for the masks he made. My mother was also a sea grass basket weaver, and a sewer of traditional seal skin coats and mukluks, (winter boots made from walrus skin and seal skin).

Both of my parents lived in sod homes from drift wood frames and sod from the tundra. During those early ancient years, they traveled by dog sled in the winters and kayak during the summer months, gathering food and storing food for the long winter days. As I was growing up in the village, my parents continued their
way of life producing what they believed was a way of life in raising their family and providing goods for their children. It was the only way of how they produced an income in raising their family.

My thoughts are expressed in producing the various shapes of the character of the land and the sea animals. In drawing the shapes, the style, and the size in which fits a visible movement of what I’m producing. The drawn shapes are then cut, then carved, and grinded, and sanded to the finest of what I believe is the finished work and satisfaction of my desire. The wood masks express the foremost iconic designs of birds, sea life mammals with wood rings presenting the earth and the universe in which mankind lives. The Larger ivory sculptures present the sea life in which the material comes from, the fossilized whalebone is also represented back to the original forms of life, a material in which is found beneath the ground.

My work reveals the identity, the expression, the character of the life of another species, and the respect and why I feel it’s necessary for the survival of the species, in which I am highly identified with. I use the ability of thoughts highly inspired and motivated why the species survive, and the necessity of reproducing life to its origin. My heritage consists of the need to survive, a life given relative to the identity of the species in which are highly respected. Life cannot endure death, but in the dimension of time, death must
consist in order for us to be given a life to live. In respect, I must continue the legacy of the designs, given by the inspiration in creating what I have seen. Also, the character in which creation itself must consist.

I am persuaded that enduring the possibilities of success are endless in measures of work ethics, and societal forms are established. This is the character of my ability to pursue the necessity of providing for my family’s needs. The craftsmanship of each individual piece portrays itself as it is, and in time, it will provide the necessary structure of developing the value of each piece, designed as an inspiration of
success, also failures that help pursue further admiration of overcoming hardship, and a unique strength of self-determination.

My life portrayed in the changing of time, and society in itself. The art designed original to our heritage and sincere ability, in making a difference why I continue my art today. Established by the Alaskan Native Traditions and the Heritage of our ancestors, that survived by creating techniques of survival. The characters of craftsmanship, an ability to continue a legacy of artistic designs, forming a path of inspiration of my father that was famous for his work of Nunivak Island mask making. Furthermore, the art pieces that are created must have a designated future, for they speak for themselves.

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