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Ancient Nunivak Island People 

A series of Ancient traditional values, a way of our People and Culture

Cool Ice Gallery of Alaskan Fine Arts was founded by an individual artist, relying on a sincere vision, Bryon L Amos has been taught by his father, the late " Walter T Amos", a famous mask maker originally from Nunivak Island. I sat by my father when he was producing his art and mask making for trade at a Trading Post, so he can provide for his families needs. It was always exciting to realize his craftsmanship and how dedicated he was in using his techniques, of our ancestral arts designs, in which was used for primitive festivals and dancing during his time since he was a young. Through his character of commitment i knew within myself that i can help him in small way, how i knew best as a child growing up on a Bering Sea coastal Island Called Nunivak, a small Native village called Mekoryuk, Alaska. In this present time i have realized the legacy of my fathers dedication of his mask making, also his character of craftsmanship he's handed down to me through a vision i have accepted at this present time. I have been motivated by the standards of what i was taught as a child growing up, my father always told stories of how his father and grand parents survived, during the ancient times. My father always taught me the ancient character of how they lived according to the laws of the village and tribal leaders, that the people may obtain great leadership and be of great example to the younger generation.

For many years the "Cup'ig" people of Nunivak Island, The Southwest people of the Bering Sea Coast. The Endurance and the survival of the Eskimo people of Nunivak Island has maintained the culture, the heritage, also the ancient way of life. Since the pandemic of Tuberculosis, the disease almost decimated the people of Nunivak Island, where the leaders of the villages around the Island, were told to move to the north point of the Island called Cape Etolin, the remaining people that weren't infected of the disease were saved from the virus that almost conquered the people and saved the remaining that moved to Cape Etolin, then the remaining tribe moved of the mouth of the Mekoryuk River, "The village of Mekoryuk known unto this day.

Photo of a Nunivak Islanf Bering Sea kayak

Ancient Photos of the Bering Sea Coastal People

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My late mother, "Nona Amos", and late father, "Walter T Amos"
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