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Face Mask

Face Mask

This Facial Mask Design first originated through my ancestorial mask design in which were first produced for the annual festive gathering during the ancient times of Nunivak Island Folklore. These masks were designed and made from white spruce wood, and the pieces around the mask representing the hands and the feet of the human, images of seals, and sea birds were also made in the influence of what they were going to represent during the dancing festivals.

The inner wood ring always represented the earth in which mankind has sojourned, and the outer wood ring presenting the universe in which was known as the great creator in which mankind was created, not of man, but a creation in which was given a breath to live. The parts around the facial mask were also made presenting the Sea Cormorant, a bird that was also placed on dancing head regalia, masks and sea kayaks as a decorative sea bird they believed were given a special influence in the direction of where the hunting within the ocean would be trusted.

Face mask designs were also used for a personal story through the dances during the festivals, telling personal stories through dances and the movement they made of what they wanted to speak, or to be thankful for, especially of a special occasion during a hunt or a caring act someone may have accomplished in helping others within the village communities. Anyone within the village would produce a family design that was handed down from the ancient times of their ancestors before them.

Not everyone within the village were craftsman, so, it was intentional for someone to trade for a craftsman to produce the mask a kayak, or any other tool that was made through trading for other goods.

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