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Half Man Half Wolf Mask

Half Man Half Wolf Mask

This mask consists of a mask designed to portray a man that has a character of a wolf, also revealing the beast nature of the man’s traits. This design has an iconic design first designed in the ancient times of the Nunivak Island people. During the times of messenger festivals, seasonal celebrations, the men would gather in sod and earth huts, (qas-giqs), a place for men to work. This type of gathering would emphasize on the character, craftsmanship, and the work ethic of men showing and training younger men how tools, masks and kayaks were made.

During this time of making masks, men would have an opportunity to trade and to share styles of handicrafts, and their ability to show the maturity of craftsmanship to the younger generation. The masks were designed particularly for dancing purposes, highly designed for the hunting experiences. The half man half wolf mask was also designed in portraying a self-recognition aspect of one’s character or self-motivational behaviors. The mask would then represent the identity of a story portrayed how he may have felt, during the time of hardship, famine, or occasionally, telling a story of failed hunts, portraying an identity of self-denial, but the ability to overcome, by showing his ability let go of past issues.

The mask represents the character of a man’s ability to hunt, and the willingness to go beyond measures in providing for his family’s needs. The mask portrays the head of a seal in which provided the necessary nutrients for the family. The hands of the man signify the craftsmanship he portrays and the ability to create the necessary tools to hunt, the iconic emblem on the hands of the man would represent which regional tribe he comes from. The seal flippers are presented in signifying the way the seal preforms, the design on the flipper would present the path of the hunter, and the trail of where the seals would be. The Orca would present the fierceness and the knowledge of preforming the characters of the sea life.

The feet of the man are portrayed as how the man walks and finds the path to the animals he is seeking. The rear flippers of the seal are also presented for the ability in directing the hunters where they may find the sea animals, and the tail of the seal would present the path in which the hunter came from. The Middle wood ring would present the earth in which gives the breath of life, and the outer ring would present the Universe, in which all creation comes from. The paint used in the ancient time was a blue rock found in the cliffs of the mainland, (but the red paint is used for the masks in this time today). The white paint used was a clay found beneath the ground. The black paint was a black charcoal rock mixed in seal blood. The Red paint used is a red ochre rock also mixed in seal blood. Walrus sinew is used to tie the wood rings together.

In conclusion, the half man half fox mask is unique in its own way, reindeer teeth were also used within the mouth of the mask. From the times of the ancient ways, to the times of trading masks for goods, masks are now made for sale, and are collected for high profile arts collectors and enthusiasts of the Native arts culture.

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