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Nunivak Island Kayak Hunter (Large)

Nunivak Island Kayak Hunter (Large)

This Ancient Kayak hunter design was produced in various design in wood and smaller ivory sculptures. The white spruce wood kayaks were made for play for younger children, the larger wood kayaks were also produced for hunting and gathering of annual spring, summer, fall and winter harvest for their families.

Ancient kayak designs were made from white spruce wood in which was a very light wood, with a very strong strength, it was covered with a female walrus skin that was a water proof natural material. The kayaks were design with cormorant bird designs, in which they believed were a help and guidance that would help them navigate which direction of the tides of the ocean were for that day.

The larger hole shaped sphere was placed in front of the kayak to help ease the sways of the wind and waves while going against the winds and the higher waves, in helping to paddle easier and faster. The other ancient design that was portrayed on the kayaks was an ancient mystical creature in which my grandfather had told me a story about while I was a small child. It is said that this creature had a head of a bird, and a unicorn on top of the head, it had also a long body with small shorter legs, and webbed feet and a short tail.

This mystical creature was said to be last seen of my grandfather when he was a child growing up on Nunivak Island. The tools and hunting gears used were a raincoat made from seal guts, that helped prevent water and the wind, a hunting hat made from white spruce, and designed with ivory labrets and ancient designs of birds and sea mammals, a long speed paddle made of wood, a stalking paddle also made of wood, an ice pick, a bird spear, a float made from a harbor seal, or a bearded seal. A small wood device if the hunter every flipped over from the kayak would help as a snorkel to keep him alive in the ocean.

Their may have been other devices for the larger kayak design, but during the ancient times, it was a privilege even to be in a kayak, it is said that until you became of age, you weren’t allowed to be in a kayak. The ability of learning to hunt in a kayak was an ancient belief of becoming a man, an ability of showing your strength dignity, and the ability in proving to the community that you were able to go and hunt for the family’s needs, and to help your grandparents’ food and clothing.

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