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Cool Ice Gallery of Alaskan Fine Arts

Welcome to Cool Ice Gallery of Alaskan Native Fine Arts an Authentic Gallery of Original Alaskan Native Hand Crafted Arts and Traditional Southwest Alaskan products. We assure our visitors the finest in Original and Traditional Craftsmanship of quality for enthusiasts also higher end arts collectors. Located in Anchorage, Alaska.

Alaskan Kayak Hunters

Bryon L Amos

The Inspiration comes from the ancient people of the Bering Sea; a people
devoted to life on the ocean. The kayak differed depending on the type of geography of the area (e.g., interiors rivers, lakes, etc.). The native tribes would adapt their kayaks to their surrounding environment. The kayak was used primarily for transportation and hunting. The native tribes would use the kayak to relocate from the spring and summer camps for the purpose of gathering food, drying fish, hunting seals, and other land mammals.

Soapstone Alaskan Kayak Sculpture

Ancient People of Nunivak Island

During the ancient of times, the "Cup'ig" Southwest Coastal Eskimos of Nunivak Island survived the ways of Life and Traditional values. The ancient heritage of character, craftsmanship, and survival meant passing on of ancient values unto this present day.

Dads Loon Mask.jpg

My Fathers' Loon Mask
(Walter T Amos)

This is a mask that was designed by my father Walter T Amos. His masks are on display in many different museums across the globe.

These masks were made from driftwood found near the shores around our island, primarily white spruce. They were carved and shaped using hand made chisels. The paints used were derived from white clay, and red ochre rock mixed with seal blood. The seal blood signifies the ancestral heritage of connecting to the sea-life of the mammal they hunted and what the species provided for them. Reindeer and walrus sinew were used as string.

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